Exclusive Review: AIDAN-XX – “Til The War Is Over” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of AIDAN-XX’s New Single

Who is AIDAN-XX? Reading her name backwards might give you a hint. Nadia Lanfranconi has been in the industry for awhile and has put out an impressive discography since then. Now, under her alter ego of AIDAN-XX, the LA-based recording artist continues her musical journey touching on more powerful subjects and current events that are taking place around us. Her newest anthem “Til The War Is Over” is an impactful example of this concept and really delivers both musically and realistically – and it’s something everyone needs to hear.

AIDAN‘s voice is angelic, ambient and really dives deep into an emotional aura that takes the listener on a journey of emotional reflection. With beautifully composed musical arrangements and atmospheric textures that really set the tone throughout the track, AIDAN‘s melody choices are effective and packed full of beautifully placed harmonies and vocal techniques that showcase both her artistic merit and her ability to articulate a powerful message; paralleling a perfect balance of content and performance. This song can easily draw reminiscences to artists like Sia and those of her caliber.

This track is also accompanied by a cinematic and highly effective music video that truly fits the song with the message it delivers. It’s a song that is just about flawless and truly breaks the barriers of realism in music. When watching and listening, you’ll definitely see that it’s not what AIDAN says, it’s how she says it. And that’s what truly makes “Til The War Is Over” one of the most crucial songs of 2020, and is a must-listen for anyone paying attention to their surroundings. The single officially dropped on Saturday on June 20th and is currently available on YouTube, Apple Music and other digital music platforms.

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