Exclusive Review: J. Drive – “Untitled” Single

Review by: Justyn Brodsky

Cover Art of J. Drive’s New Single

Our platform gets a vast array of talent emerging from the indie Hip Hop community, and just about all of them bring something dynamic and amazing to the round table. In this case, Ohio-based recording artist J. Drive brings that same swagger and smoothness like many others, but raises the bar far beyond the norm with his distinctive and multifaceted signature sound when it comes to his newest single “Untitled”.

Utilizing an impressively higher vocal approach with projection that has undeniable energy, J. Drive steers this song into a territory very few artists of the Hip Hop genre ever do. His high range and sing-songy style is not only perfectly executed, but also brings wholesome musicianship factors to the forefront. His singing ability and lyrical techniques parallel flawlessly and really dive deep into J‘s artist merit, giving him the free reign to explore many facets of the genre that many other artists don’t. His melody choices are cleverly conjured, the content is carefully crafted and the production value is exactly where it needs to be to showcase several angles of J. Drive‘s skills behind the mic. His clever lyrical outbursts and wordsmithy ways of putting bars and rhymes together is notable and very apparent. His style is eclectic, intelligent and never waivers from his ability to remain consistent and attentive. You can definitely tell he constructed this track with absolute care, but still gives himself the space to really spread out his talents into other elements through the ambient beat this song embraces.

“Untitled” is also the type of song that sustains insatiable staying power, where the song sticks with you even after it’s over. It’s a song you’ll find yourself revisiting time and time again, and will definitely find its way onto your playlist. You can find this track on Apple Music, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll become an instant fan once you give this track a listen.

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