Exclusive Review: Strat – “Change Up” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Strat’s single “Change Up”

If you’re seeking one of 2020’s biggest bangers in Hip Hop, then Strat‘s single “Change Up” is your draft pick. Presenting a perfect parallel between old school Rap and today’s modern Hip Hop sensibility, this track emerges from the gate with power, energy and cleverly executed bars and hooks that can easily resonate with any fan of the genre.

Accompanied by a charismatic official music video, “Change Up” is a track that hones in on versatile musicianship factors and lyrical realism; concocting a mix that serves up multifaceted punchlines and effective wordsmithy flavors. The beat structure is bouncy, crafty and really sets the tone for Strat‘s strong mid-range vocal presence and effectively showcases the best angles of his ability both as a vocalist and lyricist. This track is contagiously catchy with witty one-liners that are not only well put together, but meaningful as well. It’s the perfect banger for anyone craving that old school flavor with a fresh take, and it should not be slept on for any reason.

This anthemic track also has plenty of room for re-listening desires. It’s the type of song you take seriously, but can also blast in a party atmosphere. The tone of the song is in-your-face while the lyrics stay consistently visceral, combining several elements that are effective and clever all at once. You just can’t go wrong with this song. “Change Up” is currently available on YouTube, Spotify and several other digital music platforms. You’ll definitely be putting this one on your playlist.

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