Press Release: After His New York Single Release, Christone Films Videoclip With Acclaimed Sound Engineer, Peter Cebul, In Vienna’s T-On Studio and Directed by Triangle Studios’ Creative Team

Article by: Justyn W. Brodsky

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Things are heating up behind the scenes in the studio, and productivity is the main focus. Vienna’s renowned Triangle Studio, founded by Reza Majdodin ((Photographer) and Sepehr Sarabchi (Videographer) and accompanied by friends and fellow artists Nima Radi (Painter/Set Design/Assistant Photographer), Fariba Dian (Graphic Design/Makeup & Hair) and Stella Radovan (Management/Marketing) all team up with Paris-based rising recording artist Christone to create a videoclip that showcases and parallels his music for very eager fans.

Situated in the heart of Vienna with comfortable and welcoming interior, the studio sets a tone that conjures unlimited possibilities when it comes to set design; and many brilliant minds are among the project in full force. The studio was founded right before the COVID-19 lockdown this past February and ever since re-opening, they’ve worked with a vast array of talented artists from walks of life that includes Theater, Singers/Songwriters, Musicians, Dancers, Actors and many others that continue to inspire the crew from behind the scenes. Every set is crafted very uniquely to fit each artist’s vision to facilitate their personalities, art forms – all to serve their wishes but also get them out of their comfort zone as a means to challenge them slightly when it comes to their artistic merit; creating new ideas and boundaries as a collective to ensure results that go far beyond expectations.

In-studio Shot of Head Engineer Peter Cebul

Peter Cebul (pictured above), head engineer of T-On Studio (where the videoclip was filmed) has been at the producer’s chair since 1988 and continues to go strong with every project he takes on. In 1991, he recorded and engineered his first rock album; Saxon‘s “Forever Free.” To this day he has been a part of more than 500 productions and has worked with endless amounts of talent from all over. Notable projects include Classical Music artists like Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Placido Domingo, Gulda, Franco Corelli, Jazz’s Joe Zawinul, Hip Hop artists Sido, Nazar and Raf Camora, R&B artists 112 and Truth Hurts, Vienna Electronic’s Waldeck, Rock Music’s Elvis Presley 1/3 International 2/3 National, and lots more. He also has contributed multiple projects to the Tv and Radio industries.

In-studio Shot of Christone

Promo Shot of T-On Studio

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