Exclusive Review: Corbin Canvas – “Jive Jive” EP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Corbin Canvas’ EP “Jive Jive”

Hailing from the boroughs of New York City, recording artist Corbin Canvas has been garnering a significant fan base since the release of his most recent 7-track EP “Jive Jive.” The record is a contagious futuristic Soul, House and Hip Hop project fully written, produced and performed by Corbin himself and touches on many unique musicianship factors and production techniques; molding into a solid signature sound that showcases versatility and atmosphere.

This record has fascinating genre blends that are well executed and diligently crafted. Each song has different components of structure but still remains consistent enough to be identified as something conjured by the same artist. The electronically infused beats, plugins and samples provide wavy textures that really set the tone throughout the record effectively and contribute many structural components that make each track stand out. Each track is like a new journey through the artistic mind of Corbin‘s facets of talent and you can tell that he is a visionary when it comes to songwriting. The production value is on point and really emphasizes crucial elements of each song. When heard from start to finish, you begin to feel that each track is a chapter of a musical concept.

“Jive Jive” is definitely an atmospheric record that explores many angles of the production process. But the best part is definitely the EP’s ability to be able to remain consistent yet multifaceted all at the same time. It’s a brilliant stroke of originality. You can find “Jive Jive” on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and several other digital music platforms.

Listen to the EP:

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