Exclusive Review: Neoborn Caveman – “Echoes Of Life” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Neoborn Caveman’s single

We are beyond thrilled to welcome the return of our good friend and recording artist, Neoborn Caveman. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about him, it’s that he does not succumb to any musical trends or band wagons, but he does keep his eyes open to them to see how he can target that kind of demographic. He’s also a visionary, someone who implements his inner ideas into something magical right out in the forefront. And he does just that with his cleverly genre-blended single “Echoes of Life.”

Featuring a story telling method of thought-provoking lyrics and a well thought out song structure, NC brings something completely fresh to the table. The piano riffs in this track are melodically blissful and really sets the tone throughout the song’s duration. It’s consistently there regardless of where the song takes us and fits perfectly while paralleling with the rest of the song’s counterparts. From lyrics that dance on the fence between Rap and spoken word, this effective vocal approach tells a story that explores the human psyche and the human condition. It resonates powerfully with anyone that can relate to the content and also puts a wholesomeness into the song that takes the concept to new heights.

The production value is clever and dynamic, blending a theatrical edge and electronically infused transitions. NC‘s voice is a very heavy presence and really encapsulates your attention in a way other songs normally don’t. “Echoes of Life” is a versatile track that continues to showcase many facets of NC‘s talent through many angles and definitely raises the bar in originality and familiarity being balanced perfectly in the same song. This is a must-listen for 2020 and if there’s one song that’ll make you an instant fan, it’s definitely this one.

Listen to Neoborn Caveman‘s single and music:

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