Exclusive Review: Tyler Okun – “The City” EP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Tyler Okun’s Debut EP “The City”

Some brand new talent is heatin’ up the Buffalo, NY cityscape, and he is determined to hit the ground running…and currently is. With an unwavering knack for vocal melodies, clever lyrical punchlines and versatile musicianship factors, recording artist Tyler Okun proves that he is aiming for the stars with his professionally crafted debut EP, ‘The City.’

For a debut record, these 5 solid tracks are far passed any expectations you might’ve had knowing it’s his freshman effort, but that’s what makes it the gem it really is. With a signature sound reminiscent to industry heavyweights like Jamiroquai, Sam Smith and others of a similar caliber, Okun comes out swinging from the very first song with title track “The City.” Comprised of bluesy guitar progressions, a tight and bassy rhythm section and cleverly executed keys and synth flavors, this anthemic track gets the fire started in all the right ways. Okun‘s voice carries the torch from the very first verse with his powerful projections, impressive high range and melody driven lyrics. This song’s insatiable buildup to each chorus is intense and undeniably effective; leaving us with a tune that is dangerously catchy, well written and showcases many angles of Okun‘s vocal talent. No song could start a record off better than this one.

We get more subtlety from follow up track “After Hours” but it still remains consistent and serves up a more electronically-infused atmosphere that brings every component together. “Devotee” is a track with swagger and attitude that continues to carry on the good vibes this EP started with. But by the time you reach album closer “Basic,” you realize that this record has completely raised the bar for expectations when it comes to debut releases. From beginning to end, Tyler Okun comes out to the forefront with unwavering talent behind the mic and gives it his all without any reservations. From 3 part harmonies to transitioning vocal melodies, the principal songwriting on this record is to be crucially noted – granted a lot of younger artists these days are just over eager to just get music out. The difference here is, Tyler has brought something to the table that is top of the line and out of reach of generic labels; he has a conjured a masterpiece.

We were not expecting anything quite like this and it would be tragic if anyone slept on this record. Tyler Okun is a rising artist whose name is bound to come up later on in a much bigger spotlight. But regardless of what happens, ‘The City’ is worthy of every set of ears that yearns for new flavors and fresh ideas. This is an absolute gem for 2020.

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