Exclusive Review: Country Goldd – “Pass Me Another Drink” (feat. Producer Spyder Raw) Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Country Goldd’s single

When it comes to feel-good energy and inescapable catchiness, Country Goldd‘s hot single “Pass Me Another Drink” is something that lives right up to the vibrant signature sound. Featuring a dangerously catchy chorus by Producer Spyder Raw, this anthem is anything but a disappointment and even raises the bar when it comes to today’s more prominent club-worthy bangers.

Country‘s flow is immersive and precise when it comes to being at the helm of the verses. His charismatically charming flow lends great callbacks to the iconic mid-2000s era that included game changing hits from industry heavyweights like Nelly, Sisqo, Lil Wayne and others from that influential time period. “Pass Me Another Drink” also has production value that showcases precise attentiveness to detail that is hard to find in today’s at-times convoluted music world; which is why this single is a true breath of fresh air with its creativity and familiarity of music that really sustains staying power.

Country‘s mid-range vocals fit this track like a glove in just about every way. He takes a musical structure that speaks volumes on its own and really pulls out every stop to make it exceed your expectations. This is definitely a track with raw potential and really delves the listener into anticipation of what tricks this artist has up his sleeve with future releases. “Pass Me Another Drink” is available now on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms. This is a track you definitely don’t wanna sleep on by any means.

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