Exclusive Review: Spring 84 – “Higher Love” Album/LP

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Spring 84’s Album/LP

If you’re looking for a record about the concept of love accompanied by music with relentless danceability, then Spring 84’s debut album ‘Higher Love’ is your draft pick. Produced by the talent at Hap Records, this versatile 8-track album offers several tasty flavors that will easily get your juices flowing and the dance floor moving, all while merging a sound that is doused with R&B ingredients and electronically-infused Dance flavors that almost any fan of the genre will enjoy.

Spring 84‘s voice has sensual tones with sexy characteristics that showcase throughout this album with different angles. The title track opener “Higher Love” and follow-up track “Body Is So So So” are perfectly blended love songs that bring forth a clubbing vibe that is bound to get partygoers into their dancing desires to get their flirtatiousness on. They’re sexy tracks that really set the tone for the album and are easily the standouts of the record. The track “Never Never” however is a little darker and mysterious with Spring 84 bringing a more hauntingly visceral vocal approach to the table, while the song ‘Working Us” casts more of a hypnotic spell on the listener while still maintaining the same signature sound that was established since the first track. The diversity is very apparent on this record, but the overall aura of each song remains consistent and really serves up something inventive when you listen to it from start to finish.

Every track is freshly woven into a hybrid collective sound that showcases Spring 84 quite effectively and really explores many different facets of what can be implemented into a song while maintaining a consistent theme. “Higher Love” is definitely a lovable record with many innovative qualities and is truly a treat for any fan of R&B and Dance. The album is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms.

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