Exclusive Review: Proph3tZ – “Like Me” (Prod. Cxdy) Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of Proph3tZ new single “Like Me”

Any track that has an intro that includes the iconic “perfect!” sound sample from the classic Street Fighter games gets some major props. Let’s just make that clear first. In fact, almost any callback to the 90s arcade era will hold a special place with us here at Artist Reach. But on top of that nostalgic sweetness, New London, Connecticut-based Hip Hop recording artist Proph3tZ brings us one of the catchiest underground tracks any Rap fan could ask for with his fresh single “Like Me” (Prod. Cxdy).

The quirkiness of this beat is slightly reminiscent of Gucci Mane’s “Freaky Gurl” but has way more swagger of its own that provides room for much more catchiness. It’s crafty, witty and immediately grabs your attention knowing some crazy bars could be mustered onto a tempo like this one. Then when the lyrics kick in, you’re not disappointed in the least. Proph3tZ starts this off with a thematic title track chorus with an OutKast vibe that shows an innovative angle of versatility from the very beginning, before jumping into the verses with a buildup stylization that is rarely heard in underground Hip Hop. But it isn’t until that second verse when you realize just how slick this artist is with a flow that is fast, vicious and stylistically multifaceted. It’s like a punch in the face that you didn’t see coming, but doesn’t come near the realm of a sucker punch. It’s a song that just comes out swinging and never lets up until it’s over.

“Like Me” has immense levels of staying power – the power to stay with you even after the song is long over. It has a classic beat structure that is straightforward without the nonsense, clever lyrical outbursts that give Proph3tZ an authentically anthemic style, and next-level catchiness that will resonate with any Hip Hop fan. Proph3tZ is more proof that the real magic is made in the underground, and when you take a listen to “Like Me” yourself, you’ll see (and hear) exactly why. This single is also one of many tracks from his upcoming album ‘Drops Of Infinity Volume 1′ which will be released this September as the first installment of a mixtape series

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