Exclusive Review: X-Amount: “Oh Jah Jah” Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of X-Amount’s newest single

Gushing with catchiness and presented with several angles of versatility, there are very few songs in this era that hold an impact like Jamaicabased recording artist X-Amount‘s new single “Oh Jah Jah.”

Executive produced by X himself and accompanied with an atmospheric beat produced by the seasoned talent of SFR Beats, this track’s quality and content parallel perfectly throughout this track’s duration in many effective ways. With a female-featured chorus providing one of the best melody choices in today’s contemporary music, this one reels you right in with its smooth hook that could be slightly reminiscent of Rihanna, but much more cleverly executed. X-Amount‘s verses are effective, powerfully projected and have a sing-songy formula that compliments this song’s beat structure in a way that lends ambiance that truly brings out his artistic merit. His flow is unsurpassed, insatiable and really delves you into a signature sound that is multifaceted. It has that mainstream sensibility and vibe that any Reggae or Hip Hop can appreciate, all put together by a tasty concoction of atmosphere, top tier vocals and smooth-as-silk bars and hooks.

This song has staying power, the kind of power knowing you’ll be singing this song in your head long after its over. It’s definitely a song that’ll be making its way to the top of your playlists. You’ll also be recommending this one to your friends as well, and will brag about how you discovered it first. This is X-Amount at his best, and if it’s your first time giving him a listen, then you’ll become an instant fan.

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