Exclusive Review: iSAAC K! – “Together” Single/Video

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of iSAAC K!’s single “Together”

A song written as a powerful outcry for unity, trials and tribulations as well as a recognizing of self awareness regardless of who you are and where you come from, recording artist iSAAC K!‘s inspirational single “Together” is a triumphant anthem that intertwines complete justice to the song title and the simplicity of togetherness as well as being part of a common (but effective) concept as a songwriter. That no matter what position we are in as a society, the opportunity to be there for each other in the end is always there, and can always be unconditional if we choose to do our own part as a component to a solution.

Musically conjured as a captivating track that easily parallels the current events of the COVID19 pandemic and everything else that has reared its head throughout 2020’s trying times, iSAAC K! brings forth a wholesome sound with strongly projected vocals and a writing structure that fits his vocal melody choices like a comfortable pair of gloves. Accompanied by a cinematic official music video with beautiful drone shots of regional landscapes, iSAAC K! creates and composes a crafty single that showcases his artistic merit as a singer and performer with passion in his movements, style of dance and his integration with land and nature. It is full of blissful visuals and really encapsulates a vision that iSAAC K! brings to the forefront as the song plays out.

His vocal approach, reminiscent of 90s superstars like Seal and others of a similar caliber, is genuinely stylistic and really emphasizes focal points within each vocal melody that he utilizes through every measure’s duration. But the true standout of this song is the chorus; one that is driven, meaningful, wholesomely projected and truly conveys the message in a way that can’t be ignored. In times like these, “Together” is a masterpiece of unification that is much needed not just as an individual experience, but a societal one as one. iSAAC K!‘s pivotal single is a true journey of self reflection and passionate empathy. It’s a must-listen for 2020 on all counts.

“Together” is currently available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms.

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