Exclusive Review: THANKYOUCHASE – “Merrick Road” Debut Single

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

Cover Art of THANKYOUCHASE’s Debut Single “Merrick Road”

Hip Hop fans know that the underground is where the true magic happens. The greatest music often comes from artists that most casual fans haven’t quite heard about yet, but who are pushing hard to get their message out into the world. Brooklyn-based Hip Hop recording artist THANKYOUCHASE is a rapper on the rise who is doing exactly that with his debut single “Merrick Road,” a song he also produced and mixed himself as well.

Utilizing an atmospheric beat that encapsulates moods and textures that immediately draws you into the song, “Merrick Road” is an ambient and innovative track that really captures THANKYOUCHASE‘s craft in many effective ways that showcases his artistic merit. His sing-songy stylization with auto-tone blends that compliment his vocal structures, this track is quite an impressive feat for a debut release. It’s an anthemic first effort that will definitely leave an everlasting first impression – which in this era, is one of the most crucial parts of starting off a career on the right foot.

On top of the top-tier production value and next-level beat structure, THANKYOUCHASE‘s vocal melody choices are precise and polished, giving the listener an easy way to delve into his lyrical content. “Merrick Road” touches on subject matter that involves one-sided feelings, unrequited love and the realization that the one you love has only a cold shoulder to offer; something almost any music listener can resonate with. Most notable part of this single, without a doubt, is the chorus. It’s simple, effectively structured, and has catchiness that really reaches dangerous levels. So no matter what, you’ll be singing this one in your head repeatedly even long after it’s over. For a debut effort, it doesn’t get much better than this THANKYOUCHASE single. “Merrick Road” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify and all other digital music streaming platforms. Expect much more from this artist as 2020 continues to play out!


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