Album Review: SNOOKNUK – “Once Upon A Day, A Lot More Funny” Album

Review by: Justyn W. Brodsky

With a powerful voice in melody emerging from the world of children’s music, Cheri Moon, most known by her stage name SNOOKNUK, has been a major staple in the industry since her inception and has captivated endless hearts and ears with melodically catchy songs. Her album ‘Once Upon A Day, A Lot More Funny’ is comprised of 14 brilliant tracks and demonstrates some of her biggest strengths as a black artist in today’s prominent music world in the children’s category; giving us a hearty dose of fun melodies and educational lyrics that will easily steal your heart upon the very first listen.

SNOOKNUK is no stranger to the industry – she has worked alongside several pioneer artists in today’s modern world of music including Timbaland, Jimmy Douglass, Danja, Kevin Rudolf, among many others. And has also written famous jingles for commercial entities like McDonald’s, Dr. Pepper, K-Mart, Joe Boxer and Burger King. She is also an executive producer for the PBS show Bug Bites. Her critical acclaim is widely regarded and recognized, garnering her an insatiable following and fan base. So it’s no surprise that her album “Once Upon A Day…” is as flavorful as it is. Packed with witty lyrics, dangerously catchy melodies and top notch production value, this full length record is anything but a letdown.

Mixing a more modern Pop signature sound with several other vocal-worthy elements that could wrap around almost any mainstream radio genre, SNOOKNUK really grabs your attention from the very first track and never lets up throughout the album’s duration. Her harmonies are spot on, the rhyming schemes are cleverly executed, her voice is angelically crisp and the fun learning experiences in each song makes this album an absolute must-have for children. Utilizing several themes and lessons throughout each track, songs like “Hold My Hand to Cross the Road” and “Nice To Be Nice” really encapsulate her spirit as both an artist and guide, providing both a fun and learning experience for children. As an audience member, it’s impossible for her good nature to go unnoticed. She provides an aura and atmosphere that really puts positivity into the air and is bound to leave children of all ages with an enormous impact in their lives. Her talent is very apparent and really shines through on each song from this album, and each time you and your children give these songs a listen, you’ll definitely see (and hear) exactly why.

This record really showcases SNOOKNUK effectively and will continue to draw in music fans across the globe of many ages. The album is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and several other music streaming platforms. You’ll definitely wanna pick this one up!

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