Press Release: Le Twan Releases His Newest Visceral Electronic Single “Can We Escape” On October 30th

Artists can be dime-a-dozen, but there is only one Le Twan.

Le Twan, birth name Antoine Gautier, known for his extensive background in rock music, brings forth a multifaceted and versatile signature sound with his newest single “Can We Escape.” Delving into an electronic stylization that combines diligent elements of Dance, EDM and touches of Disco and Techno, “Can We Escape” is a melodic and consistent track that truly encapsulates Le Twan’s ability as a DJ and touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving each listener a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable.

Le Twan is no stranger to the game either. Since coming out the gate in 2003, he began producing and DJing electronic music at LA parties and events in the Californian desert. Bringing an indie influence to his electronic music style, Le Twan has successfully created his own genre-bending style that is crafty and clever in its execution, and is a standout of its calibre. “Can We Escape” brings an updated modern twist to the table that is bound to grab every electronic music fan’s attention. The track’s ambient approach highlights each measure of the song with an atmospheric edge that will easily give each listener a visceral experience that is unforgettable and impressionable. It’s the perfect track for anyone who hasn’t discovered Le Twan yet and also for fans that have followed him throughout his prior releases.

Can We Escape” is a single that will be on Le Twan’s upcoming EP « No Escape » slated for release on December 4th. The single released on October 30th and is currently available on SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify and other digital music platforms.

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