Exclusive Review: Soche – “Loose Fiction” EP

With versatile witty rhyming schemes and melody driven hooks that’ll reel you in with their climactic touches, LA-based artist/producer Soche proves that she’s here to leave an explosively dynamic impact with her debut 8-track juggernaut “Loose Fiction” (EP).

This record hits the ground running from the jump and never slows down with its relentlessness. Intro banger “Scheme On” is a solid EP starter that diligently showcases the many facets of Soche‘s mic skills and artistry behind the mixing board. Implementing beat structures that are atmospheric and ambient, this track balances a flavorful blend of melody and swagger, encompassing a signature sound that has old school elements as well as a futuristic aura in its overall execution.

Another highlight on this EP is “Low Key in the OC,” a track that is more upbeat and rhythmic, allowing Soche to really go hard and heavy with her vocal flow and prolific output. With the occasional twist and turn between several bars and hooks, the songwriting structure on this banger puts a solid spotlight on her strongpoints when it comes to her talent and authenticity. It’s a perfect track to really gather the best impression of just how effective Soche really is. There’s an essence in her music that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity, giving each listener a creative balance between something fresh yet still identifiable.

One thing you can hear is a distinct sound that is angular, robust and calculated. Soche pulls several clever punches on this EP and it’s made apparent on every track that she truly knows how to balance her mic skills and studio skills. This record will knock you on the floor upon first listen and will definitely entice you to delve deeper into Soche‘s career altogether. “Loose Fiction” is an amazing debut effort and is currently available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll thank us later for recommending this one.

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