Exclusive Review: Tanner J. Royal – “The Hunter” Single

With powerful lyrical melodies and anthemic song structures that are cleverly executed throughout the song’s duration, NYC indie musician Tanner J. Royal proves with his newest banger “The Hunter” that his artistic merit is reaching new levels and directions as he continues to write, record and release new tunes to the masses.

Formerly the front man of pop-punk outfit Burn Out Brighter, Tanner J. Royal‘s solo effort has dynamically built him a solid signature sound with an insatiable following since emerging out the gate. “The Hunter” delves into melodic territories that are comprised of addictively rhythmic vocal harmonies, witty lyrical outbursts and versatile writing techniques that showcase Tanner‘s abilities effectively and diligently. Encompassing the edginess of a raw indie rock flavor combined with synthetic pop sensibilities, this single is a perfect fit for both mainstream radio and the underground music world. It draws that perfect balance between yesterday and today’s more catchy pop rock heavyweights like Bruno Mars, Kenny Vasoli, Jason Mraz and others of a similar calibre. It can easily blend in with several eras of rock and that is one of the anchor reasons that this track is as affective as it is.

Whether Tanner realizes it or not, this track is very pivotal to his career in the best ways possible and for all the right reasons. It easily exceeds expectations of current fans and sets the bar high for new listeners as well. His task of accomplishing another track on this level is imperative, but if “The Hunter” is any indication, his direction is upward and outward – ready to secure a spot at the top with other up and comers that are thriving in today’s underground music outlets. This track has chart-topping potential and you’ll have a very difficult time trying to get this tune out of your head. “The Hunter” is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and other digital music streaming platforms.

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