Exclusive Review: Ladi Anne – “New Renaissance” Debut Single/Music Video

Some artists can truly emerge from the gate and hit the ground running with their very first release. Whether it be natural talent, impressive marketing structure or just putting together something professionally crafted on much higher levels, some rare musical gems in the up-and-coming spectrum tend to find an instant knack for being a true standout of their calibre. LA-based artist Ladi Anne is one of those cases and really proves that she is ready to take the industry by storm with her freshly hypnotic and powerful debut single “New Renaissance.”

Accompanied by an emotionally visceral music video, Ladi Anne really shines bright on this single with her versatile vocal melodies, cleverly relatable lyrics and multifaceted signature style. Delving into powerful concepts that have been front and center of today’s world issues, like COVID19 and at-times divisive political discourse among America’s hardships, “New Renaissance” is just as effective visually as it is striking with its musical content. Comprised of an indie style with dynamic flavors of pop, hip hop and R&B, Ladi Anne‘s vocal execution is melodically atmospheric and cleverly encompasses a perfect line that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving the listener an experience that provides a sound that is fresh yet still identifiable. It has enough of yesterday’s catchy charm from the 90s/early 2000s as well as today’s more modern sensibilities in all the right places.

This debut track is also the perfect song to get on board as a dedicated fan. Once you take a listen the first time, you’ll definitely be excited to hear what Ladi Anne comes out with later on. The production value is very on point, her vocal personality creates an everlasting impression and this single overall sustains staying power; where the song stays with you far after it’s over, and always brings you back to listen again and again. “New Renaissance” is available now on YouTube in a link below.

Watch the official music video/connect:

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