Exclusive Review: December Fades – “Say Their Names” Single

Cover Art for December Fades’ Single

December Fades is the musical moniker of LA-based singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Kevin Rogers. He is an eclectic musician that has created refreshing signature sound that is cathartic, radio friendly and inspiring in its own right. Since emerging onto the scene in 2015, Rogers has successfully built an insatiable fan base with his cleverly dynamic Rock and Hip Hop calibre. He has put out several releases that have created a strong buzz and continues to rise in his respective scene and its surroundings. And with the recent release of the emotionally supercharged new single “Say Their Names,” December Fades proves that his evolving style is bringing him to new levels that is taking his career to massive heights, and for very good reasons.

Delving into the recent tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the adversity of police brutality related to it, December Fades brings forth a powerful and gripping performance with this track and holds nothing back. With a very effectively catchy piano progression and visceral vocal melodies, “Say Their Names” enters a realm of rare gems that most artists rarely ever get to. The song isn’t just brilliantly crafted, it’s also diligently executed – giving every listener a nostalgic listening experience that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity. It mixes a perfect multi genre blend between 90s radio hits (when radio was actually good) and today’s mainstream Pop and Hip Hop sensibilities. You’ll be amazed at the talent and production value that this song offers, and goes far out of its way to exceed expectations in epic proportions.

December Fades‘ atmospheric mid-to-high range vocals is one of the strongest components of this song and really puts his versatile stylization to high new levels in today’s modern music realm. His vocal harmonies are strong and well placed, which never outdoes itself in any way. You can also hear the raw emotion coming from December Fades throughout the song’s duration without any production theatrics of any kind, proving that “Say Their Names” is not only a precise single, but authentic as well. It’s currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music platforms. You’ll be very glad we recommended this one.

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