Exclusive Review: Tone Da Boss – “Free (So Good)” Single

Conjured from an album/LP that addresses trials and tribulations during the coronavirus, Cedar Rapids-based rising artist Tone Da Boss brings forth some solid Hip Hop concoctions that directly deal with the pandemic and explore it at different angles. “Free (So Good)”, a song from his upcoming EP ‘Antonio’, is one of those single tracks that truly grasps the pandemic with force unlike a plethora of other rappers attempting to touch on the same values; and really sets TDB apart from your average other contemporary rappers in today’s Hip Hop spectrum.

As a musician that’s been making music for about a decade now, Tone‘s vocal melodies in the chorus are multifaceted, hard hitting and really encompass his multilayered talents behind the mic altogether with his clean cut, to-the-point and completely visceral flow. The brilliance definitely starts with the chorus though – laying the foundation of what’s to come. Subsequent solid bars and hooks that truly tell a compelling story about TDB‘s mindset into today’s current world issues.

His flow is insatiably atmospheric comprised of a one-of-kind calibre that mixes both components of melodic Hip Hop and vocal choruses that are clearly executed diligently. Another notable musicianship factor is the multi-genre shifting between the verses and chorus – allowing a more broad range of genre bending and exploring the facets of both flow and melody. It’s just an amazing song and holds a lot of substance on TDB‘s album.

“Free (So Good)” is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and several other digital music streaming platforms. You won’t wanna pass this one up.


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