Exclusive Review: Jack Of None – “The Purpose Of The Moon” Album/EP

There are some artists that come by that just casually impress you, or even passively intrigue you. But all that means is you have yet to listen to Jack Of None. A trio of composers rather than just a band. And when you indulge into the airwaves they unleash, you’ll know exactly what we mean. With a 7-track juggernaut concept album that brings creativity and theatrics to astronomically new levels, this quartet, with a female lead, is a plethora or sounds, feelings, emotions, anger, love, lust, secrets and energy all concocted in a way that dances on a line that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving each listener their own interpretation of the music all while conveying the exact same sound quality, textures and anthemic authenticity.

Right from the jump, opener “Maman” is lounge-y, and versatile; giving us a very versatile taste of the female lead’s vocal deliveries that come in a vast array of formulas stemming from whispers, spoken word, aggressive singing styles, poetry that is ominous and everything else in between to keep you on your toes (or frozen to your seat). Subsequent track “Pirouettes Of Night” brings out a vibe similar in this nature. But when we get to track “Mr. Lumpus Decides To Die”, the band becomes far more much to life with more in-your-face participation, complimenting the vast array of the lead vocals that have already set the groundwork for this album. With a more Tim Burton feel at the helm of this masterpiece, the story-telling like verses are ever apparent and the use of keys/synths are nostalgically placed throughout this track’s composition in a way that truly puts an ominous atmosphere into the air that is both interesting and bone chilling; especially when the genius of the synths are placed in measured moments that are completely unexpected and unrelenting. The heavy guitar-driven chorus comprised of distinctive leads of this one also fills in many possible loose ends, if any at all, but just add realms of power behind the project altogether regardless; along with the male vocal touches. This is definitely the highlight of the album.

Other tracks from this conceptual masterpiece also have beyond-worth mentioning moments as well. “Dark The Star” has beautiful subtlety in its intro and provides symphony-like guitar melodies that truly make this song stand on its own. It drives the progression very strongly and even leads up to a high ranged female vocal lead that sets off the goosebumps. “Houdini Whodunnit” is a very busy song with futuristic industrial vibes that could perhaps reimagine the genre altogether. And the gorgeousness of “The Game Of Dying” has some of the most intricately based guitar harmonics a subtle set of measures could ask for. And after all topped off with guitar-only outro “Monsieur X”, we have a record that is conceptual, riveting, storybook worthy and highly acclaimed in its own right. For musician’s out there, no matter the instrument or skill level, “The Purpose Of The Moon” is a record that will breathe music into your soul…with purpose. For fans of greats like Nightwish, Steve Vai, Mr. Bungle and an array of artists that fall somewhere into that spectrum, Jack Of None will be added to your list of instant classics, instantly.

‘The Purpose of the Moon’ is currently available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms.


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