Exclusive Artist Review: 3partystate – “Young Dope & Wasted” EP

Now this is a direction I’d like to see Hip Hop grab onto. 3partystate‘s EP Young Dope & Wasted is an atmospheric and visceral ride into melody, versatility and a formulaic calibre; and there’s not one song on this record you’ll be disappointed with.

Garnering a signature sound that combines clever bars and ear-catchy guitar hooks, 3ps‘s EP brings a plethora of multifaceted components to this 5-track juggernaut and truly brings vibes to the table that are rarely conjured. Each intro utilizes major-key measures, progressions and diligently showcases the vocal talent with many angles that brings 3ps right to the forefront. Going from witty bars to unforgettable melody sing-songy measures is not only rare, but beautifully crafted throughout the duration of every track. They’re tracks that have components of relaxation periods, but still provide that sensual swagger that every R&B fan yearns for. This multifaceted mix is comprised of a stylization that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving the listener a chance to reignite the fire for the old school Rap/R&B approach they’ve come to know and loved, all while serving up an innovative modern sound that can easily draw in any Rap and R&B fan, no matter what era they come from.

Young Dope & Wasted is definitely dope. It’s an absolute treat for any Hip Hop fan out there looking for that modern and melodic edge with both rapping and singing at the helm of the record; and we have a feeling this EP will continue to hit the ground running without slowing down anytime soon. It’s an EP that will also have you delving into 3ps‘s discography and future releases as well as prospects. We can’t recommend this record highly enough. It’s currently available on Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll thank us later for recommending it.


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