Exclusive Artist Review: Pipi Pango – “Africability (African Vibe)” Album/LP

With relentless top notch production and performance value doused with a signature style of swagger that will easily draw you in as a listener, Hip Hop pioneer Pipi Pango proves with his newest album Africability (African Vibe) that he’s continuing to hit the ground running without any intention of stopping anytime soon.

Pipi Pango is starting off the new year right with this latest collection of 14 bangers that are full of groove, bounce, swagger and everything in between. With each track bringing a vast array of talented angles throughout the album’s duration, Africability has a multifaceted level of consistency that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity; giving his audience a taste of something fresh while keeping the vibes identifiable with his melodic Hip Hop calibre that each track offers. Comprising a more low-to-mid range vocal approach, Pipi‘s hooks and bars are unwaveringly clever, witty and full of raw catchiness. And the vibes are non-stop from start to finish, perfecting a stylization that could easily raise the roof of the club scenes as well as the streets. And that’s the beauty of this record; while it easily has the potential of topping the charts and mainstream radio, it also has that credible showcasing of swaggering style that could easily appease the underground scenes as well. Opening track “All Eyes On Me” demonstrates this distinctive structure diligently and really solidifies Pipi‘s sound that carries you through the rest of the album with that undeniable vibe that is crafted into every track.

“Party All Night” is another banger that brings Pipi‘s brand of Hip Hop to the forefront that showcases several angles of his insatiable talent with crafting wordsmithy verses and melodically hooky choruses that will stick with you relentlessly. Which brings me to staying power. Africability has that staying power where the songs stay with you even long after they’re over, which will easily entice you to delve deeper into Pipi Pango‘s discography of previous releases as well as future prospects. If you’re looking to heat up your night with an album of bumping and grinding classics with pure edge and vibes that’ll keep your body moving, then Africability will be one of your favorites of the year. And you’ll be keeping a close eye on what moves Pipi Pango makes next. Chances are you’ll be hearing his name very often as he continues to climb his way to the top. You heard it here first. Africability is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, Audiomack, and several other digital music streaming platforms.


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