Exclusive Artist Review: Kristina Murrell – “Passion & Pain” Album

Kristina Murrell didn’t choose music, music chose her. The Barbados-born rising starlet has been dominating the iTunes charts with her debut album ‘Passion & Pain’ and has been hitting the ground running ever since its release this past Valentines Day. Comprised of ten viscerally melodic and swagger R&B tracks, Murrell proves that she has what it takes to reach new heights in today’s modern music market.

This album showcases Kristina Murrell‘s talent very effectively and her dynamic R&B style fits her vocal range like a glove. It has a nostalgic 90s flavor reminiscent of industry heavyweights like Aaliyah, Ashanti, Christina Millian, Monica and Toni Braxton. Her signature sound has balance and composure that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity, delivering a style that combines forces of yesterday’s and today’s more crucial R&B flavors. Her anchor single from this record “Got Me Dreaming” is dreamlike and visceral. Her melodic vocals are front and center from start to finish and her crafty lyrics diligently delve into her artistic merit. It’s a must-hear on all levels. Mid-album track “My Addiction (featuring Sonny King)” has a hypnotic and upbeat tempo that showcases the smooth bass lines in this track’s multilayered approach. It’s a versatile angle of Murrell‘s sound that gives her room to show off her multifaceted vocal styles and really encapsulates the wholesomeness this album has in many places. “Stronger” is brilliantly produced and has very anthemic guitar parts. This record’s production and performance value is absolutely top-notch and has gifted skill sets behind the finished product. It explores many different tempos and really takes R&B in new promising directions while still carrying the torch of that classic R&B sound that has made the genre what it is today. It’s brilliantly crafted, strongly executed and deserves its current place among the charts – recently taking the #1 slot in Barbados on iTunes.

With only being active for one year so far, we are stoked to see where Kristina Murrell ends up in the next five. She has accomplished more in a year than most veteran artists do in a decade and this debut record proves that she has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. ‘Passion & Pain’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and other digital music streaming platforms. If this is your first time hearing her, you’ll become an instant fan. You’ll be more than glad you gave this record a spin (or three!).


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