Exclusive Artist Review: Walter Hansen – “Good Lookin’” Single

Since his childhood years, recording artist Walter Hansen has manifested into a multifaceted artist with a catchy and distinctive songwriting style. He’s been writing his own music for years and possesses several effective musicianship factors that make him a core standout of his calibre. And with the release of his newest single “Good Lookin’” this past New Year’s, Hansen proves that he continues to hit the ground running at full speed and has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon.

Comprised of solid guitar tones, catchy vocal melodies, a tight-knit rhythm section and a modern Rock approach with Blues elements, “Good Lookin'” is a track that is bound to leave an impression on you upon first listen. The diligently mixed single has very atmospheric guitar textures and blends several layers between the rhythm section and melody leads; delivering a sound that is authentic, modern and insatiably crafty. Hansen‘s mid-to-high vocal range fits perfectly into the mold and utilizes melody choices in all the right places to make this song the catchy gem that it really is. You can tell that this song was written and executed with a fine tooth comb and Hansen‘s attention to detail is made very apparent as the measures play on.

This song also has staying power, where the song stays with you even after it’s over. Hansen‘s signature sound will definitely entice you to delve further into his career and discography. His lyrics are clever, the performance and production value parallels each other effectively, his writing style is authentic and this single overall showcases Hansen‘s artistic merit diligently. “Good Lookin'” is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and several other digital music streaming platforms.


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