Exclusive Artist Review: Los Musick & P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest – “Brotha!” Single

If you’re looking for a genuine rap duo reminiscent of industry heavyweights like OutKast and UGK, then Los Musick & P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest will be your new draft picks. Their new anthemic and ambitious single “Brotha!” is a true banger with classic old school vibes doused with today’s modern sensibilities in all the right places. It’s their newest effort that proves the duo continues to hit the ground running and isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon – and for good reasons.

These two guys have soul, spice and swagger with their insatiably crafty lyrical outbursts and cleverly witty punchlines. Utilizing rhyming styles that are authentic and rhythmic, both rappers contribute verses to this track that have undeniable staying power and versatility. Los Musick has a smooth vocal approach with mid-ranged techniques that deliver an effective presence to the song’s forefront. While P.A.T. Louisiana’s Finest delves more into a mid-to-high range style that grabs the listener’s attention when his verse arrives. Both artists contribute to the track equally and really feed off each other perfectly. Their balance and composure with the song’s content showcases each of their artistic merit individually but never strays from the monumental togetherness that is made apparent from the beginning. The rhythmic beat is attention-grabbing from the second it starts and utilizes a structure that combines elements of both yesterday and today’s most crucial Hip Hop eras.

This song is worth multiple listens and will light a fire to any club atmosphere and car system. It can be appreciated by any Hip Hop fan no matter what era you come from, and will definitely entice you to do a deeper dive into both artist’s careers and discography. “Brotha!” is available now on Apple Music, ITunes, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. You will thank us later for recommending this banger.


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