Exclusive Artist Review: Shortyo – “Supervillain” Album/LP

Not many artists can say they had a grade school teacher that nominated them “Most Destined For Rap Stardom.” But when it comes to PA-based rapper Shortyo, you’ll quickly learn not to put anything past him. Because he not only acquired this feat at a young age – he also lived up to it. And that sentiment is echoed loudly with his newest 25-track juggernaut ‘Supervillain’.

Shortyo possesses a dynamic wordplay ability that hovers diligently between Hip Hop and Pop sensibilities, delivering an authentic style that touches on equal parts originality and familiarity, giving his audience a listening experience that is fresh yet still identifiable. It’s an effective approach that combines crucial elements from both yesterday and today’s more pivotal Hip Hop eras. A lot of his melodic choruses are Pop oriented with an R&B swagger that keeps the attention-grabbing musicianship factors front and center at all times. A great example of this is his hit song “Cheat Code”, which has already hit gold status. This banger has an upbeat modern presence that resonates with an old school 90s beat and rapping style that could easily draw in the likes of industry heavyweights like KRS1, NWA, Dr. Dre and others of a similar calibre. It has clever lyrical outbursts and carefully crafted hooks, clearly demonstrating the attentiveness to detail that Shortyo boasts throughout this album’s duration.

Another highlight from this record is the anthemic track “Lost and Found” which showcases an ominously haunting piano-based beat that adds to the overall visceral listening experience. The production and performance values are equally paralleled and conveyed in the most effective ways. We get a firm grasp on several angles of Shortyo‘s cleverly executed songwriting ability along with an aligned overall mix down that clearly had experienced hands behind the scenes in full force. You’ll applaud the quality of this record and will definitely appreciate the vast array of skills that went into making it. It’s an album with precision and staying power – the ability to stay with you even long after it’s over.

‘Supervillain’ is an album for 2021 that will easily sit on your favorites this year. It will also entice you to delve deeper into Shortyo‘s career and discography. You can get your copy of the album now on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be very glad that you did.


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