Exclusive Artist Review: Anthony Casuccio – “Friends First” Single

Three-time Grammy nominee Anthony Casuccio has been involved with the music realm as an artist and producer for more than a quarter century. Known for his catchy and authentically eclectic style, he throws his hat into the Country/Rock arena with his latest single “Friends First” and proves that he continues to hit the ground running no matter what genre he tackles.

This single is all sorts of catchy. With traditional chord progressions topped off with acoustic textures throughout the song’s duration, “Friends First” grabs onto a stylistic authenticity that showcases Casuccio‘s vocal approach in the most effective and wholesome ways. Comprised with an insatiable catchy songwriting structure, this tune cleverly combines a Country/Rock calibre with alternative elements that bring forth a solid signature sound. His lyrics have a story-telling approach with diligently crafted melody choices that keep you engaged with the vocals no matter where you are in the song. It’s an uplifting single that will easily win you over if it’s your first time listening to Casuccio‘s music.

One thing you can definitely hear is the producer’s aura. Casuccio‘s multifaceted background is apparent from start to finish and really encompasses a wholesomeness that artists rarely grasp in today’s more modern realm. “Friends First” also possesses that staying power where the song stays with you even after it’s over – enticing you to do a deeper dive into Anthony Cassucio‘s discography and career. You can listen to the single exclusively on SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms. This is a veteran artist you won’t wanna pass up.


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