Exclusive Artist Review: IKIBA – “From Inside” EP

Santiago, Chile-based artist IKIBA has only been active for four years, but so far has made an insatiable impact on the EDM landscape. Featuring six beautifully crafted melodic tracks, his newest EP ‘From Inside’ merges atmosphere and melody with a versatile approach that makes him a standout of his calibre.

This futuristic record has melody choices that are both diligently put together and brilliantly executed. Bringing a high quality signature sound to the forefront, IKIBA puts balance and composure into these songs and parallels both performance and production value throughout this release’s duration. The track “We Are Together” utilizes well known EDM standards and really shines with its atmospheric textures and melodic progressions from start to finish. This track really showcases the most effective angles of IKIBA‘s style and really demonstrates the crafty songwriting he boasts on this record with just about every track. “Traveling” and “Take You (feat. Moshii)” are also jam packed with melody and tie in the rest of the EP with its ambience and aura. These tracks produce the same strength as the others and continue to showcase a vast array of musicianship factors that IKIBA brings forth in this record. Many EDM projects nowadays can often be repetitive or substandard in today’s industry, but it’s artists like IKIBA that continue to bring the genre diversity and a multifaceted perspective. He may be currently a smaller name right now but delivers a big impact when it comes to talent and dynamics. He delivers up a visceral listening experience that is rare in today’s modern music realm.

The biggest strength on this EP is definitely the melody choices. While the song structures don’t explore too much intricacy, it’s the straight-forward catchiness that brings out the most charm. It’s a record with unparalleled staying power and will definitely entice you to dive deeper into IKIBA‘s career and discography for past, present and future. You can get your copy of ‘From Inside’ on Spotify, ITunes, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be beyond glad that you did, and you’ll be thanking us later.


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