Exclusive Artist Review: Noella Rain – “Pixies” Single

Long Island recording artist Noella Rain hit the ground running with her 2019 debut album ‘Phoenix’ and quickly began to build an insatiable fan base with her authentic and atmospheric signature sound. Now with her sophomore album around the corner, she continues to prove her worth with the first anchor single “Pixies”, a hauntingly ominous track with a visceral listening experience and all the right elements in mastering her authenticity and versatility – and for all the right reasons.

“Pixies” is an anthemic and subtle tune that really delves into atmosphere. Its blissful keyboard progressions and ambient guitar textures are a standout of its calibre that truly encompasses the angelic vocal aura that Noella Rain conveys throughout the song’s duration. Her lyrics have a story-telling sensibility and explores many facets of her musicianship factors; ranging from an effective falsetto vocal technique and well-crafted upper 3rd and 5th harmonies that add wholesomeness to the chorus. It’s a song that builds up throughout each measure and leads you into the haunting vocals that are diligently brought out in the forefront to showcase several angles of Noella Rain‘s vocal abilities.

This song also has the re-listening factor, where every time you re-listen to this track, you find new elements to appreciate. From the songwriting structure to overall vocal execution, Noella Rain comes out on top with this single and will definitely entice you to look forward to the rest of her upcoming album when it releases. “Pixies” is currently available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be glad you gave this one a listen.


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