Exclusive Artist Review: Maalthepsalmist – “Cursed By Cupid” Album/LP

Very few artists could release a debut album with the impact that Maalthepsalmist has. Hailing from the West Palm Beach, Florida scene, the rising artist began hitting the ground running at full speed just this past year and so far has shown no sign of slowing down – and he makes this all the more apparent with his viscerally swagger debut full-length LP ‘Cursed By Cupid’ for all the right reasons.

This 13-track banger delves into several crucial elements of R&B, Hip Hop and Pop sensibilities. Maalthepsalmist‘s distinctive signature sound is balanced by equal parts originality and familiarity to give each listener a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. His stylistic nature also has a reminiscence to industry heavyweights including Michael jackson, Mary J Blige, Prince, Boyz II Men, and New Edition. Anchor single “Don’t Holla At Me” is a tastefully swagger track that showcases Maalthepsalmist‘s versatile vocal approach with a subtlety that is hypnotic and even haunting at times. One thing that’s apparent in this song and throughout the record is the distinctive melody choices he makes that follow along diligently with the lead instruments. It’s a very authentic style that really showcases Maalthepsalmist‘s vocals in the most effective angles.

The track “Superstar” is jazzy, bluesy and has a more upbeat dynamic when it comes to its rhythmic approach. It’s a solid tune with wholesomeness in all the right places. While closing track “Unforgiven” has a more hypnotic bossa nova angle that leans more towards a classic R&B approach that shares parallels with the 90s and early 2000s. This entire record has several crucial parallels but the bottom line is it showcases Maalthepsalmist‘s insatiable vocal and songwriting skills most effectively, leaving us with an authentic sound that is brilliantly crafted and diligently executed. “Cursed By Cupid” is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms – it will definitely entice you to delve deeper into the career and future releases of Maalthepsalmist altogether. You’ll definitely become an instant fan after giving this record a spin.


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