Exclusive Artist Review: Logan’s – “Politically Correct” Single

Emerging from the landscapes of Naples and officially formed a month ago during the Covid pandemic lockdowns, Italian rockers Logan’s have manifested into a multifaceted quartet of dynamic musicians and have put together a signature sound that is catchy and contemporary. And with the release of their debut single “Politically Correct”, the band continues to hit the ground running since their formation and show no signs of slowing down their momentum anytime soon.

Accompanied by a news-footage style music video, “Politically Correct” diligently mixes yesterday’s classic Rock-era Blues and today’s more modern sensibility. This energy-fueled song is jam packed with smoothly written guitar riffs, a pounding rhythm section and overdubbed vocals that are effective and crafty. It has an essence of identifiability and shares a brilliant reminiscence to industry heavyweights like Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Audioslave. But nevertheless, possess their own sound by combining equal parts originality and familiarity, giving the audience a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. The guitar tones are solidly mixed, the vocals are insatiably authentic and the rhythm section is a driving factor of the song that brings it all together for a powerful, anthemic single.

This track also sustains a heavy presence of staying power, where the song stays with you even long after it’s over. And will undoubtedly entice each listener to dive deeper into Logan’s other releases and career altogether. It’s a song that’ll leave an everlasting impression on just about any Rock fan – no matter which era you desire. “Politically Correct” is currently available exclusively on YouTube and will easily render every listener into instant fan status. Big things await Logan’s!


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