Exclusive Artist Review: The 30Somethings – “Someplace New” Single

Trio of California friends in The 30Somethings are a completely fresh band that formed last year in 2020, but have known each other for almost two decades. After getting together to create music with good vibes and planting their roots on TikTok with several catchy covers, the group continues to manifest their signature sound with the release of their debut single “Someplace New”.

Featuring an acoustic-infused alt/indie sensibility, The 30Somethings bring their creative style to the forefront with this catchy new single and their talent as a unit is made apparent from the very beginning. With eclectic female vocals leading the charge, “Someplace New” touches on several vibes including a contemporary 90s one that has brought many crucial artists to the market over the last few decades. This track also brings forth a more modern take on the indie realm and really showcases the band’s authentic approach, giving each listener a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable in the music world altogether. It’s a fantastic debut entry for such a fresh group.

This single is also the type of song that will entice you to dive deeper into the band’s career and keep a close eye on their future releases. With social media at our fingertips in today’s music market, The 30Somethings have started to form an impressive impact on the TikTok platform with several cover songs as well as original fun content that they themselves have created. And with the release of this debut single, the trio of besties are already heading in a promising direction and many of their listeners (us included) are eager to see what they come up with next. You can listen to “Someplace New” exclusively on YouTube and Spotify at the links below.


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