Exclusive Artist Review: Nomad Mr. Murk City – “Trap Bible” Album/LP

South Carolina’s Nomad Mr. Murk City broke out onto the scene ten years ago and quickly began hitting the ground running with his melodically visceral and straightforward modern Hip Hop signature sound. Since then, he has amassed an insatiable following and fan base and has shown no signs of slowing down. And with the recent release of his debut album “Trap Bible” in 2020, Nomad continues to raise the bar for the southern Hip Hop game – and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Comprised of ten diligently crafted and versatile tracks, Nomad‘s flavor of Hip Hop on this record touches on several layers and really encompasses a style that could appease any fan of the genre. His sound could easily resonate with fans of 90s rap, yet still identify with today’s more modern approach. It’s a well-executed release with several multifaceted tracks that offer up different angles of Nomad‘s artistic merit, and really proves that his clever lyrical narratives and witty punchlines are anything but ordinary. Anchor single “Make It Home (feat. Moviee215)” is accompanied by an official music video and really starts the album out with a more visceral listening experience. This track has a very ambient beat with perfect doses of melody within the verses that are both cleverly written and effective. This track possesses a realm of catchiness that catches your attention just as much as the lyrical bars do throughout the song’s duration. A must-listen on all accounts and a very impactful opener. The melodically-driven “The Baddest” continues to bring forth dynamic melody choices and really showcases the different rhythmic presences that this album encapsulates. But it’s definitely the straight banger “Keep Pushin'” that truly brings every crucial element together into an anthemic track with undeniable staying power. It’s a single that puts Nomad at the top of his game and showcases his strengths in the most effective places. This is another must-hear in every way and will likely win you over as a Nomad fan pretty much instantly.

“Trap Bible” is jam packed with versatility and casts Nomad with the most crucial moments of his game. It has brilliant production value and parallels perfectly with his artist presence and songwriting ability. This record will easily raise the bar for Nomad as well as the rest of the Hip Hop game that possesses a similar calibre. You can get your copy of “Trap Bible” now on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be glad you did.


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