Exclusive Artist Review: Jeremy Gorman – “Brave Enough To Be” Single

San Francisco-based multi musician Jeremy Gorman has built an insatiable following and signature sound since his inception into the market. His natural talent is very apparent and his story-telling writing structures are known for being inspirational and innovative. Music has been nothing short of a lifetime journey for him, and his music definitely reflects that. With the recent release of his single “Brave Enough To Be“, Jeremy‘s craft comes to the forefront full circle and truly encapsulates his artistic merit from beginning to end.

This single is very anthemic, wholesome and has a performance value that perfectly parallels the production value. Jeremy Gorman’s vocals are not only brilliantly controlled, but the effective content behind the song makes it so much more than what may appear at the surface with the average tune. Delving into an alt/indie style that balances originality and familiarity, Gorman’s diligently placed vocal melodies and guitar progressions share equally effective roles and really brings his artistic merit right to the forefront. This is the type of track that showcases many angles of his talent and will definitely entice you to dive deeper into his career and discography altogether.

The chorus really has that anthemic feel that really encompasses Gorman‘s craft and showcases his ability to truly write a memorable song. Its performance value is top notch and the overall production techniques compliment it perfectly. It’s also a song that has that staying power, where it stays with you even long after it’s over. It has that next level quality and if this is your first time discovering Jeremy Gorman, then this single will absolutely win you over. You can listen to the track now exclusively on SoundCloud and you can find his other releases on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be an instant fan from the very first listen.



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