Exclusive Artist Review: Kyle Motsinger – “Whenever” & “No Shame (feat. Melody Betts)” Singles

NYC Pop recording artist Kyle Motsinger emerged onto the scene in 2017 when he dropped his first album ‘Far Away’ and quickly began gaining traction throughout the NYC and tri-state areas with his energetic stage presence, animated image and catchy signature style. Now with the recent release of his sophomore album ‘Any Way I Want It To’, he has once again hit the ground running and has successfully garnered an insatiable following with several standalone singles from the record that make it a gem in its own right.

First anchor single is “Whenever”, a melodically visceral tune with an emo-oriented piano progression that eases into a Pop/Dance sensibility that is uplifting and effective. Drawing prominent comparisons to artists like Elton John and Depeche Mode, Kyle serves up a diligently crafted vocal melody and truly encapsulates the upbeat tempo that cruises throughout the track’s duration. It has excellent production value and the performance value parallels it just about perfectly. Second single “No Shame (feat. Melody Betts)” is another unwaveringly catchy song with a much more hypnotic groove accompanied with atmospheric textures and multi layers. This multifaceted track has more of Kyle Motsinger‘s signature mid-to-high range vocal melody placements and also features a powerful second lead vocal by recording artist Melody Betts, who both collectively feed off each others’ presence in this song and carry the torch both equally and brilliantly. This song in particular encompasses a funky and rhythmic edge that is tastefully blended and really captures Kyle‘s craft in its climactic glory. It’s a solid single with finely tuned detail that will undoubtedly have you listening to the rest of the album to see what other tricks are up the musical sleeves, and you’ll easily get this track stuck in your head.

Kyle Motsinger has performed an array of prominent gigs all over the Manhattan area and is returning to the stage in June after a long break caused by the pandemic. Until then, you can get your copy of both singles, the album and his other releases on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. If distinctively catchy Pop and Dance sensibilities are in your desires, then Kyle Motsinger will definitely be one of your favorites of 2021.


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