Exclusive Artist Review: Bex & Bright – “Luved & Lost” Single

Cover Art for “Luved & Lost”

With over a decade of experience between the two musicians in Bex & Bright, the dynamic duo since their formation have put together a solidified Synth/Pop signature sound that diligently combines the nostalgic charm of the 80s and today’s more electronically-infused modern sensibility. With both artists now working as a collective, their artistic merit has manifested into something versatile and multifaceted, and we hear that in its full fruition with their newest single “Luved & Lost”.

Weaving together several musical influences over the last 40 years, Bex & Bright really come out swinging on this track with their bass-heavy foundation and ambient melody leads all topped with synth-y grooves that will easily keep the listener captivated. The female lead vocals are dreamlike and really encapsulate that sensual aura that isn’t heard very often in today’s modern music realm. The story-telling lyrics are about yearning for that person that once broke your heart, and the delivery of the vocals are more than appropriate for the emotional setting that is conveyed throughout the song’s duration. The biggest strength of the vocals however are the well-crafted harmonies. The pre-chorus and chorus encompass melodic harmonies that really bring the multi-layers of the song together, and you can clearly take in the wholesomeness of the track without feeling like the song is convoluted or overstepping production techniques. It’s a triumphant chorus that truly brings the song to life and really leaves the listener with a strong impression of the abilities that Bex & Bright bring to the table.

“Luved & Lost” is definitely a track with substantial staying power, where the song will easily stay with you even long after it’s over. It’s unquestionably unique but still fits into today’s more contemporary musical realm. But in our opinion, it’s so much better. You get the best of many worlds with this song and if you’re into any era of electronic music or EDM integrated with an effective and innovative Pop sensibility, then Bex & Bright will definitely be one of your new favorites for 2021. You can get your copy of “Luved & Lost” on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, SoundCloud and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll thank us later for doing so.


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