Exclusive Artist Review: Brave Magnetic – “The Shape Of Things To Come” & “You Are The One” Singles

Brave Magnetic is a solo Indie project conjured from the talented mind of Matt Crowley, a member from the band Union City whom are based in the Peterborough area of Ontario. Utilizing a crafty and surreal signature sound that is multi layered and multifaceted, Crowley truly brings a feel-good ambience into this solo project and so far has received quite the positive reception since bringing it to fruition even after only a few singles and a small EP.

This year in 2021, Brave Magnetic has put out two very diligent and cohesive singles that share a reminiscence to artists that have a similar calibre to The Cure and Copeland. The first single, “The Shape Of Things To Come” is a soul-soother that integrates facets of piano, effective chord progressions, transitions, strings, acoustic guitars and several other layered components with many dreamlike additives. The clean guitar melody on this track really helps enhance the overall progression and when all the ingredients are combined, a tasty and beautifully executed track is born. Crowley’s very anthemic and emotional vocal melodies truly carry the torch on this song and really utilizes the raw passion and emotion that this heard through every measure. It’s a very visceral listening experience.

His second single off his catalogue is “You Are The One”. A more rhythmic track with more of an ominous presence, but not mysterious by any means. The rotund low end bass progression leaves room for Crowley to really shine with his vocal melodies on this track – and he absolutely does. His octave overdubbed vocals are very appropriately placed along with his strong harmonies, and the keyboard additives lend inventive textures to the vocals that are not only well placed, but diligently mixed as well. There are spacey production techniques utilized in this song that really enhance the mix, and even though this is a shorter song than its predecessor, it’s just as effective. This dreamlike single is climactic, but also has a buildup that truly demonstrates the attentiveness to detail that is absolutely brilliant.

These two singles will definitely entice anyone to dive deeper into the Brave Magnetic catalogue and really showcases just how advanced Matt Crowley’s songwriting really is. He is an artist you really need to keep a close eye on. You can hear both singles on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be glad you did.


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