Exclusive Artist Review: Jeremiah Davincii – “The Patricia Hills Son” LP

If there’s one thing Jeremiah Davincii has proven – it’s that he’s no ordinary rapper. Because today’s mainstream market largely doesn’t touch in any rawness or realness, but JD definitely does and his latest full length ‘The Patricia Hills Son LP’ is further definitive proof of that.

This record has several pivotal moments, clever lyrical outbursts and gemstone tracks from beginning to end on this double album. Jeremiah’s style is gritty, real, surreal and truly versatile in its delivery and really captures the essence of realness in just about every track, but also successfully delves into separate themes as each bar plays out. His track “Forever” is a song about his grandmother that shares the same emotional resemblance to Tupac’s ‘Dear Mama”. It’s vulgar-free, heartfelt, wholesome and truly visceral in its atmosphere. The beat structure and multi layers accompany the emotions of this song very diligently, capturing the essence of the theme of a loved one’s affection in a way that is relatable and real. It’s a true gem for anyone looking to get heart as the song’s true centerpiece. Another milestone on this record is “Ballad For The Fallen”. Another visceral track with a brilliant 90s beat that has an anthemic vibe accompanying it. This one delves into Jeremiah’s appreciation for his influences and really encompasses a crafty beat that is rhythmic and cohesive. Capturing the same level of emotion as the previous track, this song really explores other angles of his artistic merit, but still diligently carries his consistency in a way that is effective and well thought out. The coherent bars have a very versatile flow and you can truly hear his multifaceted approach on this song from start to finish.

One more notable track on this LP is “Let Us Pray”, a powerful song about having God on your side. An anthem about having a higher power have your back through the prospects of the good and bad. This one is a banger and really ups the energy in terms of content and coherence. Jeremiah delivers very soulful bars on this song and truly brings the eyes of adversity to the surface full circle – deeply diving into themes that capture the value of life, confidence and just knowing that you can get anywhere and do anything with God having your back. This epic number is another song with excellent flow that is viscerally appealing and insatiably crafty. This track is definitely a gem on this record and can even hold its place as a stand alone single.

These songs are next level with emotions running full speed, but still subtle enough to listen in with vital perspective. Jeremiah Davincii shines bright on this record and will undoubtedly draw in many new ears with the wholesomeness that emanates from start to finish. It’s available now on several digital platforms and is one for the books for JD’s career.

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