Exclusive Artist Review: Real Name Wynton – “Beginners Luck” Debut Album

Miami-based rising artist Real Name Wynton has only been active in the market the last three years, but has created quite the impact in that short amount of time. Known for his dynamically clever lyrical outbursts, visceral flow and distinctively structured bars, Wynton has managed to garner an insatiable fan base and street buzz throughout several pivotal corners of the Hip Hop spectrum. And his debut album ‘Beginners Luck’ is direct evidence.

Drawing crucial influences from industry heavyweights like J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West, Real Name Wynton comes out swinging on this record in many pivotal ways and really showcases several angles of his musicianship factors and artistic merit throughout the album duration. Utilizing a very versatile approach with a multifaceted and futuristic aura, Wynton diligently opens the record with the track “Son of a Preacher”. A song with a flow that is visceral and cleverly executed. This crafty opener carries a wholesome flavor that is futuristic and multi-layered, giving the listener a listening experience that grabs the undivided attention, uninterrupted. Another notable track is “Dirty Money”, a very rhythmic track that continues to touch on the innovative production value and next level beat structures that are consistently present throughout this album. Wynton’s versatile vocal style also comes to further fruition on this track, taking the listener on a journey into his craft and musical presence. Most notable track on this album however is the anchor single “Bout 30”, a clever set of bars that showcase several angles of Wynton’s dynamically distinctive vocal deliveries. This track has a cruising rhythm that adds a perfect sense of balance and composure, continuing to give the listener a visceral listening experience, but perhaps at its climactic peak. The lyrical transitions on this track are smooth, creative and really set the tone for what this album offers in its entirety. It pays distinctive attention to detail and really brings together a signature sound that is clever, crafty and undeniably creative.

If this is your first time hearing Real Name Wynton, then this debut album will secure you into instant fan status. It’s a freshman effort that really delves deep into the rising rapper’s stylization and each track serves up a flavor that contributes to the cog of the machine. It’s a creative listening experience from start to finish and will undoubtedly leave an impression on you that will garner staying power. ‘Beginners Luck’ is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than glad you checked it out.


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