Exclusive Artist Review: Dobie – “Drowning (feat. Xavier Clayton)” Single

Hailing from the landscapes of Zagreb in Croatia, award winning recording artist/producer Dobie began hitting the ground running in the music world with the manifestation of his piano/keyboard abilities since his childhood years. Feature artist Xavier Clayton is originally from Seattle (and now resides in France) and has garnered critical acclaim as a prominent songwriter; contributing his elite skills to world renowned songs like David Guetta’s “The World Is Mine” and Chab’s “Closer To Me (feat. JD Davis)”. He is also a published author. Recently, both rising artists got on board to create an innovative collaboration that puts their calibre of music to new levels; and that collaboration comes in the form of the electronically infused single “Drowning”.

This track is far from ordinary, it’s very rhythmic and atmospheric. With a swift tempo that cruises throughout the song’s duration, “Drowning” really enhances the listening experience with diligently crafted chord progressions, key signatures and a bumping rhythm section that keeps you invested into every soundscape. The song structure is simple but the multi layers really add several vital elements to the overall mix, showcasing the diligence in the songwriting along with the attentiveness to detail. The vocals offer up solid melody structures and even though they could be stronger with harmonies, they still lead the melodies in a cohesive direction that showcases the track’s atmosphere and aura. The electronic and EDM components are well balanced, leaving enough room for appreciation among fans from older eras of the genre, as well as today’s more modern sensibility. It’s a song that never lags, drags or outdoes itself in any way. It’s a vibrant song with electronically integrated ambience, and just about any electronic music fan will absolutely add this one to their favorites.

Another notable factor is the song’s staying power – where the song stays with you even long after it’s over. It’s definitely one you’ll put on repeat many times and will definitely entice you to delve deeper into both artist’s careers and discography. “Drowning” is an exceptional single with great pacing, high standard production value and both artists showcase their artistic merit in very effective ways. You can get your copy of the single on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube and several other digital music streaming platforms. We can’t recommend this one highly enough.


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