Exclusive Artist Review: Zadar – “Crimson Pain” Single

Hailing from the cityscapes of Philly, recording artist Zadar is an eclectic artist with a very versatile sound that diligently combines indie rock with goth-rock elements, manifesting into a darker sound that is multifaceted and catchy. His distinctive signature sound balances originality and familiarity, giving the listener a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable. And this is made very apparent with his newest single “Crimson Pain”.

Zadar’s emergence into the market began last year in early 2020 and after releasing his first two singles, he began hitting the ground running with his uniquely crafty rock style and so far has drawn in an insatiable following, forming a street buzz that has solidified him as a legit up-and-comer in the music market. “Crimson Pain”, accompanied by a cinematic music video, is a rhythmically eclectic indie rock track with darker elements that really enhance the visceral listening experience. With subtle hints from artists like The Cure, this single has precise guitar progressions that delve into effective song structure components and really tailor to the vocal melodies that are utilized throughout the track. The rhythm section is tightly-knit and the production and performance value parallels each other perfectly; delivering a full, wholesome sound that leaves plenty of room for Zadar to shine effectively with his vocal melodies and artistic merit. As for his vocal delivery? His mid-range voice is executed brilliantly and gives this single a distinctive personality that really showcases the talented songwriting that went into this song. Out of all of Zadar’s released singles thus far, “Crimson Pain” is easily his best effort yet.

“Crimson Pain” is the third official single from his upcoming debut album ‘The Upstairs Room’, slated for release at the end of this year. You can check out the single (and the two previous singles) on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and several other digital music streaming platforms. Keep your eye out for when Zadar’s album drops at the end of the year – you won’t be disappointed.


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