Exclusive Artist Review: Dejhare – “Plead The Fifth” EP

Emerging from the elite west coast music scene, rising starlet Dejhare blasted onto the market in 2018 and by the next year, put out a handful of well-received singles which garnered her a growing fan base quite rapidly. After two more successful album releases, she quickly began receiving anticipation for a powerful follow-up record that would ultimately solidify her signature sound, style and presence in the musical spectrum. And that record comes to fruition with her latest EP ‘Plead The Fifth’, a collection of tracks that Dejhare calls “our collective vulnerability” in mind where it addresses the complexities of navigating todays’ increasingly complex world from both an emotional, spiritual, and intellectual perspective.

Comprised of five visceral and hypnotic Pop/EDM tracks with several atmospheric textures and ambient blends, Dejhare truly comes into her own on every track and showcases several crucial angles of her ability both as a songwriter and performer; pouring her heart and soul into every song with her distinctively catchy choruses, vocal melody structures and multi layered production techniques in a way that gives every listener a visceral listening experience. Opening tracks “Take Five” and “Skeletons” are perfect examples of this and both tracks serve up a distinctive atmosphere from start to finish. With rhythmic measures of ambient beat structures and synthy leads at the helm of each chord progression, both songs musically parallel perfectly with Dejhare’s mid-to-high range vocal approach; diligently combining several electronically infused elements that are wholesome and crafty in their overall execution. They deliver a strong first impression for any first time listener of Dejhare’s discography.

Another notable track on this EP is title track “Plead The Fifth”, a more anthemic and upbeat tune with an energetic tempo that cruises through every measure. Once again we get a solid, precise and wholesome performance with Dejhare’s angelic voice and vocal structure, keeping an ominous and subtle presence in each verse until she unleashes her full vocal force in what is honestly the most powerful chorus on the record. This high-energy number really ties the EP together and showcases Dejhare’s vocal ability in every effective angle, never outdoing herself in any way, but continuing to raise the bar as the record plays out. This will definitely be one of your favorites on this release and it truly brings out Dejhare’s most versatile factors. Her use of melody choices is completely multifaceted and punctual, her vocal performance is strong and unwavering, and her signature sound perfectly balances aspects of originality and familiarity; delivering a sound that is fresh yet still identifiable.

Overall, ‘Plead The Fifth’ is easily Dejhare’s best effort yet. It shines a spotlight on every crucial musicianship factor and brilliantly encompasses production value that parallels her artistic merit. First time listeners of her music will be thoroughly impressed and her current fans will hear just how much she continues to raise the bar on every release. The EP is available now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. You will thank us later for recommending it.

•Listen/Connect: https://linktr.ee/DejhareNewRelease

•”Take Five” Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/7YIUFvU-swU

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