Exclusive Artist Review: Choze – “DIY” Album/LP

Emerging from UK’s prominent London music scene, rising rapper Choze has been mastering his craft for over seven years now and has manifested into a multifaceted and versatile indie artist with his own distinctive sound and stylization. Drawing comparisons to today’s more modern sensibility with diligent implementations of earlier Rap eras including the 90s, Choze has developed a style that easily resonates with just about any Hip Hop fan and brilliantly balanced equal parts originality and familiarity; delivering a sound that is fresh yet still identifiable. And this is demonstrated in Choze’s debut album release ‘DIY’.

Comprised of 11 anthemic tracks with a handful of crucial feature artists and production techniques, Choze comes out swinging on this record with clever lyrical outbursts and a low-to-mid range vocal delivery that is versatile and effective in its execution. Opening track and anchor single “Badderz (feat. Phil Sayor AKA John Sykes)” is a powerfully multi layered banger that blasts into a beat structure that pivotally showcases Choze’s signature style right out in the forefront. The production value is right where it needs to be on this song, brilliantly paralleling the artistic merit in a way that serves up several creative flavors in the modern Hip Hop spectrum. Another notable song is title track “DIY (feat. Shai Sevin)”, an anthem that supports the title with crafty lyrics about being a hard working independent artist in an often convoluted industry; and never backing down or wavering in any way. This banger is not only well put together – but is also an inspirational number that can easily resonate with today’s underground music movement of artists on the grind every day. It’s an excellent self-aware track that intelligently reflects Choze’s work ethics and continues to showcase more crucial angles of his talent and versatility.

One more notable track is “Nothing To Lose (feat. Mark Perry)”, an atmospheric song with a very creatively crafted beat and vocal delivery. Choze’s flow is very visceral on this track and he really delivers some of his strongest bars on this album as well. This is definitely one of those tracks with staying power – where it’ll stay with you even long after it’s over. It’s a wholesome song that diligently ties the rest of the album together and shines a light on all of Choze’s most crucial angles of his talent. First time listeners of his music will definitely take note of this track and his current fans will definitely hear how much he raises the bar with this song in particular. Overall, ‘DIY’ is an above average record that will easily entice listeners to dive deeper into Choze’s career and discography altogether. It’ll easily become one of your favorites for 2021 and all eleven tracks fully deserve your undivided attention from start to finish. It’s an album you would be crazy for sleeping on. You can get your copy now on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms.

Listen to the Album:

•Hyperlink: https://ffm.to/diyalbum

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