Exclusive Artist Review: Janelle – “Satisfied” & “One Step Further” Singles

Wisconsin-based recording artist Janelle may be a fresh face to the music market, but she is also one that demands your undivided attention. Artists can be dime a dozen these days, but there is honestly only one Janelle. Utilizing a vast array of influences and genre implementations, her signature sound is dynamically distinctive, naturally authentic and insatiably versatile; delivering a stylization that touches on equal parts originality, familiarity and authenticity. And her most recent singles “Satisfied” and “One Step Further” are perfect examples of this – and for good reason.

Starting off with her gain-driven and high energy banger “Satisfied”, this track has brilliant shades of Kelly Clarkson’s earlier hit songs, but offers up multiple distinctive layers of innovative ideas in both the production and performance value, two things that parallel perfectly in this song in particular. Janelle’s multilateral vocal parts throughout the track’s duration make diligent use of her vocal range, showcasing her high range as well as her more subtle breathy parts in the verses. She really gives it her all in this song, and her execution of this song lives right up to the song title. New fans that discover this song will, indeed, be satisfied.

Her second anchor single “One Step Further” is a hauntingly ominous track with brilliant triple harmonies, saxophone leads and several other brilliant musical textures that really give this swagger song the ambient atmosphere to make it a complete standout of its calibre. This song is much different from her other single, but you can still tell it’s the same artist. Once again, you can distinctively hear Janelle’s signature style in all of its authenticity, even if the entirety of the song’s aura is different, proving that she can take the wheel in her music in multiple different directions if she calls for it. Listening to both of these tracks back to back really gets you to hear just how multifaceted her vocal and writing style really is, shining a light on not only brilliantly structured songs but also being able to implement multiple musical layers without exiting from her authenticity. There are no theatrics needed in the production or performance value, she grabs onto several different angles and cohesively delivers them to the listener in a way that keeps them engaged in her specific stylization – and that is a rarity in today’s modern music world.

These two very dynamic singles also have staying power – the power to stay with you even long after it’s over. If you’ve never discovered Janelle previously, then these two singles will absolutely reel you in as an instant fan. She provides an aura that embraces those classic elements from yesterday’s more crucial music eras, but also brilliantly incorporates today’s more modern sensibility that isn’t over produced or over saturated in any way. She’s a naturally talented artist in every sense of the word, and these tracks are direct evidence of that. You’ll be eager to hear more after giving them a listen. Both tracks are available on Spotify, Apple Music and several other digital music streaming platforms.

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5F7l2K0KbGlFNjyhWDSXfN

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