Exclusive Artist Review: EYJEY – “Crew Love” Single

EYJEY is a rising Artist/Producer and DJ hailing from Dubai. He first emerged onto the market in 2016 as a House DJ in Birmingham (UK) and by the next year in 2017, after moving back to the UAE, began exploring the realm of multi genre production, conjuring up a signature sound that mixes innovative elements of R&B, Reggaeton and Hip Hop. One perfect example of this distinctive style is the single “Crew Love”, a dangerously catchy track that effectively demonstrates EYJEY’s songwriting approach and production value in a way that represents his aura of musicianship factors.

This is a club track with a straightforward modern R&B calibre, but implements Hip Hop and EYJEY’s House Music influence he’s been known for since entering the market. This hypnotic guitar-oriented banger has a groove and tempo that is very rhythmic, easily deeming it a club song with its insatiable swagger and atmosphere. Ontop of the infectious rhythms is a multi layered guitar and synth progression that serves up vocal leads with very effective melody choices; and that is what truly makes this song a standout – the undeniable melody structures. It works diligently as an instrumental but sets the bar even higher after the melodic vocals kick in. It’s a lyrical style that encapsulates the song’s ambience perfectly, and the parallels between them and the instrumental are very apparent as the song plays out.

You can tell this song has some talented hands behind the machine. It’s finely tuned, detailed and really serves up a top notch production formula that delivers a finish product any fan of the genre would instantly love. It implements several classic R&B flavors but brilliantly captures today’s more innovative and modern sensibility. This is the type of song that will not only make you an instant fan of EYJEY’s work, but will also entice you to do a deeper dive into his discography from the past, present and future. We can’t recommend “Crew Love” highly enough. You’ll be glad you gave it a listen.

•Listen on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/eyjeyofficial/crew-love?in=eyjeyofficial/sets/remixes&si=2b41607753b944ada71e0ca611d79ed7&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

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