Exclusive Artist Review: Jay Rockwell – “So Blessed” Single/Movie Short

We’ve had Chicago’s rising Artist Jay Rockwell on our platform before and we absolutely loved working with him and learning about his craft. Now we are stoked to say that we are having him grace our presence again with an exclusive review of his critical anchor Hip Hop/Soul single “So Blessed”.

This powerful faith-based single will definitely inspire you to look deep within yourself and reflect. It’s a thought provoking track that touches on the inner battle of good vs. evil, with the prospect of good prevailing over our biggest temptations throughout our lives. “That devil love what he can’t have” is one of many lines that bring this concept to the forefront and really demonstrates how Jay Rockwell didn’t just utilize a simple concept, but truly took it and made it his own. His charismatic hooks and bars throughout each measure serve up a versatile mix of yesterday’s soulful signature Hip Hop style with the perfect dose of today’s modern sensibility. The upbeat and anthemic chorus is something that will stick in your head for weeks, it has that staying power where it’ll stay with you even long after it’s over.

But on top of this being a song, it also has a 20-minute feature film accompanying it. Comprised of an official music video and a film synopsis tailoring to the song’s concept, this powerful sequence of scenes show the very real inner city struggles among today’s youth, bringing a real world look into the Chicago city streets and just how easily one can end up on the wrong, dark path at a very young age. The “So Blessed” film touches powerfully on this concept and really brings the good vs. evil battle right to the forefront, showing scenes of mentorship, choices, actions and consequences. The main message of the film can be found in its most iconic line of the film: “there come two things with every tragedy in life: a lesson and a blessing”. This film touches on both, but most of all – the blessing. And that’s what this film encapsulates. It showcases a level of realness and brings reality out from the shadows, proving that with the right mentorship and direction, one can overcome the temptation of the city streets and the vicious cycles that take place far too often. Jay Rockwell is an absolute inspiration in both this film and song – and anyone who views the feature film will easily agree.

This song is also the perfect gateway track to entice any new fan of Jay Rockwell to do a deep dive into his career and discography altogether. “So Blessed” will easily win you over upon first listen and the next-level production value paralleled with Rockwell’s musicianship factors is something that is made apparent as the song plays out. You will not be disappointed in the least. This track is proof that much bigger things are on the horizon for Jay Rockwelll. “So Blessed” is currently available on Spotify, Youtube and several other digital music platforms. You’ll thank us later for recommending it.

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