Exclusive Artist Review: D. Shim – “REZ ESPORTS (feat. Tyrell Tyler)” Single

Hailing from the southern sunny scales of Miami, rising producer D. Shim has been molding and shaping his craft over the last ten years and so far has come out the gate hitting the ground running. Known for his distinctive futuristic style, D has always had a knack for solid collaboration, and his newest banger “REZ ESPORTS” with feature vocalist Tyrell Tyler is direct evidence of that.

This innovative and stylistic track is upbeat, hypnotic and really has a swagger that parallels today’s more prominent modern innovation. It’s a quick song, but delivers a profound message as it plays out. Tyrell Tyler offers up the perfect dose of charisma for this type of beat and it’s one of the most crucial stands out factors in the track altogether.

It’s not an ordinary song by any means, it’s a song that has that insatiable staying power where you’ll listen to it far more than once. You’ll be coming back to this one time and time again and you’ll even be enticed to do a deeper dive into D. Shim’s discography

• Official: http://www.vibeoutstudios.com

•Listen on Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/rez-esports-intro-feat-tyrell-tyler-single/1635347749

•Listen on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY0RwJTjQvc

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