Exclusive Artist Review: Mary Ann – “Wake Up Call” Single

Rising Alternative-Starlet Mary Ann hails from the landscapes of Porto, Portugal, but so far has made some major industry moves since her inception into the market. After accumulating an insatiable buzz from her debut single last year with 2022’s “Toxic”, her fan base and industry quickly demanded Mary Ann to follow up with another single – one that would step the bar up even higher.

That follow up would take the form of her current prominent single and banger “Wake Up Call”, a title that easily lives up to its name and the justice that surrounds it. This track starts out with a subtle swagger, it has a hauntingly ominous tempo that combines a brilliant concoction of ambient guitar leads and swells doused with reverb/delay melodies, and atmospheric synths and keys that parallel the guitars as well as the overall aura of the song. It’s a huge song with dreamlike melodies. The dueling leads and experimental implementations lend a major innovative factor to the track’s versatility, multifaceted multilayers and fluid originality altogether. You just won’t hear anything else like this.

As for Mary Ann — WOW. Just, wow. Her lower-end range is not only one of a kind, but provides such character for the innovative style this particular track provides. She implements her many facets and layers perfectly into this song in a way that can’t be untouched. You can hear subtle influences from other prominent artists out there with Pop and Rock sensibilities, but just can’t seem to put your finger on exactly who those influences are. She is completely her own brand of uniqueness and versatility; and that’s the most intriguing thing about Mary Ann, she is 100% raw and original, no matter how many subtle influences you may hear from her signature sound. She easily encapsulates that intrigue all by herself, and she doesn’t have time for any of those fratty-like comparisons. She is who she is – and we’re beyond positive you’re gonna love her.

Once you take s listen to “Wake Up Call”, you’ll never sleep again. You can hear it now on all digital music streaming platforms now.

•Listen/Connect: https://linktr.ee/mary.ann.music

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