Exclusive Artist Review: Jeremy Parsons: “Something Other Than You Are” & “Lillian” Singles

San Antonio-based award winning Country/Americana artist Jeremy Parsons has been a driving force in the southern Country market and has built up an insatiable presence since his inception years ago. With a thriving career that has landed him prominent gigs and tours in Europe and all over the US, Parsons continues to prove that he is not going anywhere, and is indeed here to stay. And with the recent release of his newest album ‘Things To Come’ this past January, he has also continued to raise the bar after already setting it high to begin with.

The first anchor single off this record, “Something Other Than You Are”, is an anthemic acoustic number with a climactic buildup, sensual melody structures and a distinctive style that showcases the most effective vocal techniques that Jeremy Parsons utilizes throughout the song’s duration. His vocal range covers many melodic angles and could easily draw comparisons to industry heavyweights like Tom Petty and James Arthur. His vocal precision is also more than impressive and really grabs the listener’s undivided attention from the very first measure without wearing out its impact. Second single “Lillian” is a full band track that diligently blends Country and Rock with driven guitar progressions and an energetically tight-knit rhythm section. Once again, Parsons comes out swinging on this track with crafty lyrics and knockout melody structures that truly make this song an absolute gem. This is definitely the type of song that will have you hungry for more, and you’ll most likely be eager to check out the rest of the album after the first listen. Parsons approach on this song is solid, effective, catchy and truly carries the torch from start to finish.

The production value on these tracks are traditionally mixed and really encapsulates today’s more modern aura when it comes to today’s industry standard. The performance value parallels it perfectly and if you are a country-rock fan, ‘Things To Come’ will definitely be your draft pick for 2021. You can get your copy today on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll thank us later for doing so.


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Exclusive Artist Review: T Capo – “Londono Lietuvis” EP

Lithuanian artist, singer and songwriter T Capo is a fairly fresh face in the music realm, but he’s been making some major waves throughout the market with his insatiable swagger, distinctive rhyming style and versatile melodic approach. Since the recent release of his debut EP ‘Londono Lietuvis’, the rising London-based rapper proves that he’s here to make his mark – and that he’s bound to hit the ground running.

This EP’s signature sound has several dynamic flavors that truly standout. Utilizing 90s elements, old school structures and diligently combined with today’s more modern Hip Hop aura, ‘Londono Lietuvis’ delivers up six anthemic tracks that showcase several crucial angles of T Capo‘s craft. Intro track “Arrival” opens the record up with a rhythmic atmosphere that is effective and multifaceted. This track’s swagger delivery sets the tone for the rest of the EP and really vitalizes T Capo‘s stylization from start to finish. Another crucial track on this EP is definitely “Only Fan (feat. Rayane Aznag)”, a melodically infused tune with an anthemic chorus that makes this track a visceral listening experience. From the clever lyrical outbursts in the verses to the brilliantly structured melody choices in the chorus, this gem is definitely a major standout on this EP and will easily win you over.

The other notable track on this EP is “I Could Be Gone (feat. Viktorija Faith)” which has a crafty guitar progression throughout the beat structure. Once again we get dynamic vocal techniques from T Capo‘s wordsmithy approach and really serves up a solid delivery over a more melodic structure. It’s a blend that is not only rare, but brilliantly crafted and executed. T Capo successfully takes hold of yesterday’s more influential calibre and dynamically mixes it with today’s more modern style in a way that is both innovative and nostalgically pleasing. It’s a brilliant effort on all counts and will hold its place among 2021’s more vital releases.

‘Londono Lietuvis’ definitely sustains that staying power where the songs stay with you even long after the record ends. If you haven’t heard T Capo yet, then this EP will definitely thrust you right into super fan status. You can get your copy of the record on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than glad that you did.


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Exclusive Artist Review: Eric Sommer – “Red Dress” & “Red Neck Parking Lot” Singles

Boston-based veteran musician Eric Sommer has been an active artist in the music realm since the 80s and has built an insatiable fan base since his inception into the market. Known for his dynamically bluesy and rhythmically catchy signature sound, Sommer has proven over many years through several releases that he is a standout of his calibre, and continues to remain relevant in today’s industry standard.

His single “Red Dress” from his 2016 album ‘Brooklyn Bolero’ is an anthemic and rhythmic tune with a solid twangy guitar lead that carries the torch throughout most of the song. This track in particular really showcases Sommer‘s versatility and touches on several angles of his artistic merit. His multi-layered vocals are effective, fun and truly brings his multifaceted edge to the forefront. The rhythm section in this track cruises from start to finish and really rumbles throughout the song’s duration. This is the perfect song to deliver a strong first impression for any listener just discovering Eric Sommer and is clearly a fan favorite for those that have been following him over the years.

Another standout single is “Red Neck Parking Lot” from his more recent 2019 record ‘Turning Point’. This track encompasses more bluesy components with traditional chord progressions. It delivers that feeling of nostalgia but still brings a more modern edge to the song’s entirety. It’s a great balance between originality and familiarity, and gives the listener a taste of something fresh yet still identifiable.

Eric Sommer is an artist that has been in the market for decades and these tracks are direct evidence of his skill sets and passion as a veteran musician. If you haven’t discovered him yet, then these tracks are a perfect way to get to know his distinctive style. You can find his music on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and several other digital music streaming platforms. You’ll be more than glad you gave him a listen.


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